Tips for Healthy Restaurant Eating

Eating out at restaurants is essentially a part of nearly everyone’s lives, regardless of whether they are on a diet or not. Eating out is enjoyable, and you should never let a diet keep you from enjoying this fun occasional treat. Many restaurants today are working to offer healthier options for eating, and some even cater specifically to different popular diet plans in order to present meal choices which work with your diet, rather than forcing you to work around their meal choices. Here are some tips that may make it easier for you to follow your eating plan while still enjoying the cuisine of your favourite restaurants.

Always plan ahead. You should obtain a menu from the restaurant you are going to if you are not already familiar with what dishes are offered, so that you can select your healthy dish ahead of time. This way, you will not be relying on your hunger when you go to order.

Be the first one in your group to order, so that you will not change your mind if one of your companions orders something that sounds better before you have had a chance to order your healthy dish.

When possible, request a smaller portion. Many restaurants have child’s size portions, or even senior’s size portions which will accommodate your eating plan better. Typically these portions cost less as well, so you will save on money and calories.

If you plan on ordering fish of any kind, you should inquire about its preparation beforehand. Anything that is cooked using butter should be avoided. When ordering finish, try asking for grilled or broiled fish, or ask to have it prepared without any oil or butter. There are other ways to spice up a fish, such as by using lemon or herbs.

Before you begin your meal, you should drink a large glass of water which will make digestion easier, and will have you feeling full faster. This works especially well with smaller portions.

If everything you find on the menu is high in calories or in fat, you may be able to ask for a plate of fresh fruit or vegetables. If you do not see a vegetarian selection on the menu, ask about it because most restaurants do offer one.

Try ordering an appetizer and a salad, rather than a large entrée. If you are still hungry for dessert, try choosing fresh fruit over something with more calories.

If you are purchasing a full meal, consider splitting your appetizer and dessert with your companion or someone in your group.

When eating, take your time and try to truly enjoy every bite of your meal. Make sure that the flavors and textures of each food are being savored. Eating slowly allows your body to better gauge when you are becoming full. When your body begins to feel full, you should stop eating. If there is still food on your plate, ask for it to be removed or give it to someone else at your table so that you will not be tempted to continue eating.