The Great Bahamas Vacation – For a Tranquil Yet Adventurous Holiday

Imagine walking bare feet on the soft sands of the tropical paradise that is inhabited and untouched. With pristine beauty to witness all around, Bahamas offers a wide assortment of diversions and attractions to its visitors. Serenity and adventure, all in one destination provides great satisfaction to people on their Bahamas vacation. While boundless beauty and breathtaking beaches offer great time for self-indulgence, fun seekers can explore the Hatchet Bay Caves. Inagua bird watching is one activity that many visitors love to enjoy in Bahamas. Great Inagua and Abaco National Park are the two famous places that are known for bird watching in the whole of Caribbean islands. Most visitors to Bahamas end up with an opinion that a revisit to the island is a must for them to experience the variety of pleasures and fun and frolic that Bahamas vacation has on offer.

The continuous stretch of sea and sand makes Bahamas a beach lovers’ paradise. The place is undoubtedly a great idyllic refuge for everyone, be it a world-weary traveler or star-eyed honeymooners. It is also the best place to work on your tan. Emerald green and crystal blue waters make available an amazing venue to taste the adventure of water sports. Waterskiing, windsurfing and parasailing, the list goes on for adventurous sports in Bahamas. Game-fishing is another enthusiastic activity that enhances the experience of visitors in Bahamas.

Sea Park and The Exuma Cays Land are the huge wildlife refuge located in Bahamas. Here, you can witness the inhabitants that include exotic reptiles, colorful fish and some of the rarely seen birds and not to forget, the endangered species of Bahamian Iguana.

Bahamas vacations allow vacationers to feast their eyes on both the manmade attractions and ecological wonders. On the one hand is the untouched beauty of the island set forth in the beaches of the island, on the other is the major casino, vivacious night life and inviting hotels. On the western side of the island is located the most ancient city of the island. For a tranquil vacation, away from the hustle bustle of the city life, you can visit the eastern side of the island.

Out islands of Bahamas offers amazing opportunity for tourists to appreciate and explore the place. You can feel the best sailing and boating experience at The Abacos, which is one of the best out islands of Bahamas. For couples it is a nice secluded place to watch the sunset together and add the moment onto their most romantic times.

The remote islands named the Crooked Islands provide an unforgettable time to fishermen, snorkelers and divers. Hence, there is a never-ending adventure and fun stored in the Bahamas islands for its visitors. One trip is certainly not enough, if you wish to experience the smallest of pleasures of the island.

Long Island, San Salvador, The Exumas and Mayaguana are some other islands that contribute to the diversity of Bahamas. There is nothing that can disappoint travelers on a Bahamas vacation except for the fact that there will definitely be a desire to explore more about the place.