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Winter Vacations – 10 Most Popular Destinations

With the holidays in full swing, many families find themselves with a little bit of extra vacation time during the winter. While some may spend that time planning large family gatherings or trying to relax after the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, a number of families use this time as a way to enjoy a vacation away from home before the kids have to be back in school and everyone has to go back to work. If you are thinking of a winter getaway, here are 10 of the most popular vacation destinations during the winter months.

Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Located in the Laurentian Mountains, Mont Tremblant is a popular venue for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. With over 600 acres of usable snow, Mont Tremblant is renowned as one of the best destinations for wintertime fun. Skiers from all over the world travel to Quebec in order to take advantage of Tremblant’s pristine slopes.

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Home to Hershey’s candy, this Pennsylvania town can be a wonderful place to visit if you are traveling just before Christmas. Each year, Hershey Park is completely transformed into a Christmas candy land that absolutely must be seen in order to be believed. This can be an especially rewarding trip if traveling with children, as it can give them amazing stories to tell when they get back to school.

Sundance Ski Resort

Sundance, Utah, is home not only to the world-renowned Sundance Film Festival but also to a ski resort beyond compare. In addition to being able to enjoy well-manicured slopes for skiing and snowboarding, the resort is located within an hour of three major Utah cities so that you can enjoy some shopping and fine dining after a fun time in the snow.

Yellowstone National Park

Mostly known as a summertime destination, Yellowstone features a number of winter programs as well as those, which encourage visitors to learn more about the natural world around them. While not everyone thinks that a learning vacation sounds like fun, few sights can compare to being able to see and learn about Yellowstone in wintertime.

New England

A number of destinations in the New England area are transformed into a portrait of years gone by when winter comes. The New England that was captured in the beloved paintings of Norman Rockwell comes to life as the historical towns and cities put on their best winter decorations, while the Sugarloaf ski resort opens for business to accommodate those interested in winter sports.

Lake Tahoe

A popular winter destination for years, Lake Tahoe provides visitors with access to ski resorts as well as the nearby excitement of Carson City, Nevada. Those looking for a beautiful vacation destination should not be disappointed by the amazing view of the Rocky Mountains that can be seen from the slopes of Lake Tahoe.


For a completely different type of vacation, consider taking a cruise of the Caribbean. Not only can this help you to get away from the cold weather, but it can also give you a taste of what the holidays are like for those who do not live in an area that traditionally receives a lot of snow. Once you experience a Caribbean Christmas, you may never be able to look at a traditional Christmas the same way again.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is one of the most famous ski destinations in the world and a winter spent in Aspen is a winter that can always be remembered. In addition to having some of the most beautiful ski slopes that can be found anywhere, the town surrounding the ski areas has a rich culture and history that simply is not to be missed. From a day on the slopes to a night enjoying the amazing artistic community that exists in and around Aspen, you should never regret your choice to spend a vacation in Aspen.

Rockefeller Center, New York

Nothing says Christmas quite like the image of Rockefeller Center decked out in all of its holiday glory. Used as an icon of the holidays in films, stories, and photographs, a winter vacation to New York simply is not complete without taking the time to visit Rockefeller Center and see exactly how much effort is put in to transforming it into a symbol of peace and Christmas joy.

Orlando, Florida

If you just want to get away from the cold of the holidays but are not interested in traveling too far from home, Orlando can be the perfect winter destination. With a multitude of theme parks (and the holiday programs offered by each), there is plenty for the whole family to do. You can also set aside some time to simply enjoy the Florida weather, ignoring the fact that it is much colder at home.

Popular Tourist Destinations in Greece

Athens is the capital of Greece and is one of the oldest cities in the world. Athens has a recorded history of about 3,400 years and is the world’s most renowned center of archeological research. This cosmopolitan, modern city is a major political, cultural and financial center of the country and has been a world-famous tourist destination for many years. This is an outline of the major attractions in Athens.

The Acropolis is a world-famous historical site and is considered the greatest of all archaeological spots. The majestic Parthenon is located in the Acropolis and is a significant milestone of early Western culture. Millions of people climb the steps of the Acropolis every year to see some of the most amazing structures of the ancient world. The tour also covers many famed archaeological structures other than the Parthenon, including Theaters of Dionysious, Herodes Atticus, the ancient Agoraare and a visit the wonderful new Acropolis Museum.

Athens is a city of museums and its globally renowned National Archaeological Museum seems to be the most important one. It holds an amazing collection of jewelry, sculptures and ceramics of ancient Greece and a 2000 year old computer collected from Antikithera which is a clear manifestation of the technological advancements of the ancient Greeks. For those who like coins, the Numismatic Museum has a great collection, and for history buffs the Benaki Museum is a must.

The vibrant Agora-Athens Central Market on Athinas Street is the city’s most popular market that sells every thing including meat, fish and vegetables. The meat market has many round the clock restaurants which offer delicious food at a reasonable price. Visitor may also enjoy a visit to the nearby Eolou Street, the famed pedestrian shopping zone. Climb the picturesque green mountain in the center of the city, Mount Lycabettus and enjoy a marvelous view. The area has a grand cafĂ© and a famous amphitheater.

Psiri features numerous small streets filled with restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, theaters and galleries and is the best-known nightlife spot in Athens. There is a fascinating area near Monastiraki square which offers a lot to see and to taste. You can try, for example soupia (grilled cuttlefish) in its little cafes. The Syntagma, Kolonaki, Gazi and Glyfada areas are other popular hot spots. Never miss a visit to the Temple of Poseidon, God of the Sea, located on a mount overlooking the ocean at Sounion.

Walking through Plaka, the historic neighborhood at the foot of the hill near Acropolis is an enjoyable activity in Athens. There are numerous shops including the workshops of some eminent artisans. You may also want to locate the well-known Brettos distillery and many other popular restaurants. The scenic area has several gorgeous 19th century buildings and many famed Byzantine churches as well. Monastiraki is a popular flea market that sells a variety of items. The market has lots of shops and cafes as well as street musician and CD sellers. All in all it is a delightful place for strolling and people watching.

National Gardens located near the Parliament at Syntagma Square is another major attraction. This lovely area with too many trees, fountains and a little zoo is the best place to relax. Temple of Olympian Zeus is another most visited ancient ruin in Athens and this huge temple with the Statue of Zeus was one of the Ancient World’s Seven Wonders.

Visit the Hammam baths spa to enjoy an authentic hammam. It is a fantastic and relaxing experience. The unique bath will refresh you as never before. There are many beautiful beaches in Athens Riviera and Glyfada, Varkiza, Crysi Akti (Golden Coast), Lagonisi and Alimos are among them.