British Museum – A Global Culture Showcase

Step in to an exciting world of art filled with creativity and ingenuity at the British Museum in London. This famous destination is home to over a staggering 7 million unique items ensuring visitors have a varied and fresh experience. The museum features items from all over the world and seeks to tell the tale of human development on a global scale.

The story of The British Museum began with Sir Hans Sloane and his formidable collection of 71,000 assorted items that included 40,000 books and 7,000 manuscripts. Not wanting to see his collection separated after his death, Sloane donated the entire collected works to the state. From here it joined the collections of several other individuals before reaching its final destination of the British Museum. It should be noted that the books that made the original collection ended up in the British Library while all other artefacts and treasures ended in the museum.

The collection is quite diverse in terms of the themes that it covers and includes prominent historical figures, cultural showcases and much more. Visitors have the option of browsing the exhibits themselves or opting for a guided tour that will provide further insight in to the exhibits.

The British Museum also offers several dining options including a restaurant and two cafes that provide a good deal of variety. Additionally during weekends and school holidays families are allowed to have picnics in a special area which can add more variety when visiting with children.

Admission is completely free and the museum is open daily from 10 am till 5:30 pm. For travellers getting to the museum is best done by bus or underground as there are several stations for both located nearby.

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