Luxury Mumbai Hotels – Relax and Rejuvenate at the Best

The dazzling metropolis of Mumbai enchants all with its shimmery nightclubs, the vivacity of its festivals and its cheerful beaches. The financial capital of India, Mumbai houses very many financial institutions such as National Stock Exchange and head quarters of many global organizations. The tourists visiting the city is both on leisure and business pursuits which creates an increasing need for appropriate modes of accommodation to suffice the needs of the modern traveller. The city is thus laden with a good number of hotels offering world class hospitality. Aesthetically designed rooms are coupled with plethora of amenities, wide array of dining options and unlimited access to recreation at these Mumbai hotels. The city that has the spot light on it round the year magnetizes various wandering souls and they all find their ideal accommodation option amidst a wide range of hotels in Mumbai.

People from different walks of life visit the metropolis for innumerable reasons, for some it is the fun and frolic of its beaches that captivates, some find its intoxicating nightlife worth spending the weekend, intrigued by its historic heritage also travellers visit the city while for others it is all about their business. Whatever may be the cause of your visit hotels in Mumbai make sure you get the best for what you pay. Hotels are mushroomed all across the city leaving ample options in front of the travellers to choose from. However, if you have a lavish budget and you don’t mind paying a little extra for a lavish stay choose from the big names of the hotel industry.

Some of the most luxurious properties in the town include:

Hotel Peninsula Grand: The grand settings of the hotel provide a cocoon of luxury and comfort that adds pinch of excitement and rejuvenation to one’s Mumbai tour. Known for its impeccable services, state-of-the-art amenities and luxurious modes of accommodation the hotel has been classified as a deluxe business class hotel. Its elaborately laid premiere rooms are replete with all the basic amenities and for an exclusively opulent stay there is an entire floor regarded as a Peninsula Club level.

Hotel Sea Princess: Newly furbished hotel by the sea, Hotel Sea Princess is a great temptation ideal for a comfortable stay. Guests are treated in affluent style with meticulously designed rooms overlooking gorgeous beach. A distinctive set of amenities further enhance one’s experience and is coupled with five dining and wining options serving delectable cuisines and a choicest of variety of cocktails rarely found in other hotels in Mumbai. The hotel is thus a favourite amongst travellers and making Mumbai hotel booking in advance is very significant for Sea Princess.

Taj Mahal Palace & Tower: Frequented by dignitaries of different countries, big names of corporate world and other A-list people, Taj Mahal Palace & Tower is the name for magnificence and overwhelming hospitality. The architectural style of the grand edifice comprises of Moorish Oriental and Florentine patterns. Overlooking the Gateway of India and the sea, this Mumbai hotel is a significant landmark and the perfect way to settle in style while vacationing.

The Health Benefits of Eating Organic Food

So, you’ve seen organic produce in the grocery store, organic labels on packaging, and heard about organic food on the news. What exactly does it mean to be USDA certified organic?

Organically certified foods are grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs, radiation, or growth hormones as well as free from other unnatural growth methods.

Alright, so does that mean organic foods are healthier?


Foods grown organically have a higher nutritional value than foods that are not. Organically grown fruits and vegetables potentially contain 40% more antioxidants and organic milk potentially contains 90% more antioxidants according to a Newcastle University study.

Not only do these foods have more nutrients, they also contain less chemicals. The chemicals often sprayed on crops are meant to kill other life forms, and while humans may not die from consuming them, these chemicals can still be very detrimental to our health.

Non-Organic foods that were grown using radiation methods can change the chemistry of the food itself, potentially even promoting cancer.

Foods that were not grown organically can be genetically modified, meaning that they are different than the food you are intending to buy. A genetically modified apple is structurally different than a non-genetically modified grown apple, and our bodies were not meant to process and run on genetically modified food.

Yes, organic foods generally are more expensive than other foods. This is because organic farmers do not receive subsidies and organic farming is more labor intensive and time-consuming.

Many people believe that organic foods taste better than other foods. I tend to agree, in part because non-organic foods can be grown with quantity and ship-ability in mind rather than taste.

Something else to consider when deliberating between organic or not is the cost to the environment. Growing food with toxic chemicals creates runoff that can damage nearby water sources. When chemicals are used to grow food, the land can be harmed to the point of the soil becoming infertile.

Not only produce can be labeled as organic. Animal products can gain the certification as well. Organic meat generally means that the animals were treated well, and ate higher quality feed in addition to being free to graze pastures.

Often times, organic produce can be less appealing the eye. But don’t let appearance fool you…try eating them before discounting them. You may find that you feel better and that the food actually tastes better.

Investing in your health pays off in the short term and long term, and buying organically grown foods is a good way to do that.

Winter Vacations – 10 Most Popular Destinations

With the holidays in full swing, many families find themselves with a little bit of extra vacation time during the winter. While some may spend that time planning large family gatherings or trying to relax after the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, a number of families use this time as a way to enjoy a vacation away from home before the kids have to be back in school and everyone has to go back to work. If you are thinking of a winter getaway, here are 10 of the most popular vacation destinations during the winter months.

Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Located in the Laurentian Mountains, Mont Tremblant is a popular venue for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. With over 600 acres of usable snow, Mont Tremblant is renowned as one of the best destinations for wintertime fun. Skiers from all over the world travel to Quebec in order to take advantage of Tremblant’s pristine slopes.

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Home to Hershey’s candy, this Pennsylvania town can be a wonderful place to visit if you are traveling just before Christmas. Each year, Hershey Park is completely transformed into a Christmas candy land that absolutely must be seen in order to be believed. This can be an especially rewarding trip if traveling with children, as it can give them amazing stories to tell when they get back to school.

Sundance Ski Resort

Sundance, Utah, is home not only to the world-renowned Sundance Film Festival but also to a ski resort beyond compare. In addition to being able to enjoy well-manicured slopes for skiing and snowboarding, the resort is located within an hour of three major Utah cities so that you can enjoy some shopping and fine dining after a fun time in the snow.

Yellowstone National Park

Mostly known as a summertime destination, Yellowstone features a number of winter programs as well as those, which encourage visitors to learn more about the natural world around them. While not everyone thinks that a learning vacation sounds like fun, few sights can compare to being able to see and learn about Yellowstone in wintertime.

New England

A number of destinations in the New England area are transformed into a portrait of years gone by when winter comes. The New England that was captured in the beloved paintings of Norman Rockwell comes to life as the historical towns and cities put on their best winter decorations, while the Sugarloaf ski resort opens for business to accommodate those interested in winter sports.

Lake Tahoe

A popular winter destination for years, Lake Tahoe provides visitors with access to ski resorts as well as the nearby excitement of Carson City, Nevada. Those looking for a beautiful vacation destination should not be disappointed by the amazing view of the Rocky Mountains that can be seen from the slopes of Lake Tahoe.


For a completely different type of vacation, consider taking a cruise of the Caribbean. Not only can this help you to get away from the cold weather, but it can also give you a taste of what the holidays are like for those who do not live in an area that traditionally receives a lot of snow. Once you experience a Caribbean Christmas, you may never be able to look at a traditional Christmas the same way again.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is one of the most famous ski destinations in the world and a winter spent in Aspen is a winter that can always be remembered. In addition to having some of the most beautiful ski slopes that can be found anywhere, the town surrounding the ski areas has a rich culture and history that simply is not to be missed. From a day on the slopes to a night enjoying the amazing artistic community that exists in and around Aspen, you should never regret your choice to spend a vacation in Aspen.

Rockefeller Center, New York

Nothing says Christmas quite like the image of Rockefeller Center decked out in all of its holiday glory. Used as an icon of the holidays in films, stories, and photographs, a winter vacation to New York simply is not complete without taking the time to visit Rockefeller Center and see exactly how much effort is put in to transforming it into a symbol of peace and Christmas joy.

Orlando, Florida

If you just want to get away from the cold of the holidays but are not interested in traveling too far from home, Orlando can be the perfect winter destination. With a multitude of theme parks (and the holiday programs offered by each), there is plenty for the whole family to do. You can also set aside some time to simply enjoy the Florida weather, ignoring the fact that it is much colder at home.

Does Culture Dictate the Grieving Process

Grieving and mourning is complete when you can move past the sorrow and observe death as an inherent element of life. We never totally move past the sorrow of death, therefore we never totally stop grieving and mourning the loss of a loved one. However, celebrating life can be jubilant, and at the same time, healing to the soul. There are many ways to celebrate and honor the life of a deceased. Furthermore, different cultures celebrate the life of, grieve the loss of and mourn for those they’ve loved in different ways, according to the culture’s rituals, customs, beliefs, values and traditions. Some cultures view death as part of the normal cycle of life, whereas some cultures celebrate the life of the deceased and some fear death.

People of the Jewish culture view death as an inevitable part of life. A dignified, reverence is bestowed upon the deceased to emulate the same respect they had been given in life. Jewish funerals and burials are very private and simple, and the mourning period kept very personal with the exception of an outward display of grief, typically indicated by wearing a special ribbon. After the funeral and burial, Shiva continues for several days at the home of the deceased. The deceased is honored during Shiva while the family refrains from many everyday activities.

Buddhists believe there is no need to fear death. Death is merely a part of the cycle of life. It is believed when a person is dying, as their mind and body deteriorates, they gain a higher consciousness then karma determines the deceased’s future life. The length of the mourning period depends on the strength of the relationship between the family and the deceased. The Buddhist observance of death is minimal, much the same way they live their lives.

The Mexican heritages cherish their deceased and celebrate Day of the Dead. Death was considered passage to a new life, so it was celebrated. The deceased is buried with many personal objects that would be needed in their new life. The Day of the Dead celebration is held Every November 1st. Families save their money to purchase special gifts the deceased’s family member would have enjoyed. The celebrations and picnics are held in graveyards or wherever their loved ones are buried.

Every culture has their own particular way of explaining the purpose of life and what a person should expect after they die. Based on a culture’s beliefs, the people within a culture developed customs and rituals to either celebrate the life of the deceased or to aid and comfort the people within the culture during the grieving and mourning process. Although the rituals and customs offer structure and direction while the group within the culture copes with the loss of a loved one, we must always remember, each individual within a culture grieves and mourns differently in unpredictable and very personal ways.